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<p>Winner of 2 Michelin stars at La <p> </p>
<p>Winner of 2 Michelin stars at La

Conrado Tromp

Culinary Director


Winner of 2 Michelin stars at La Baie, Executive Chef at various properties such as The Ritz-Carlton in China or the St. Regis in Miami… From the Maldives, Japan, USA and Europe, Conrado has travelled to many countries with different culinary traditions that have enriched his proposals.

Perhaps the secret is in the fundamentals: salt

What a resume doesn’t show

Perhaps the secret is in the fundamentals: salt is an essential, breakfast is his favorite meal of the day and the sea serves as the backdrop.

He learned the basics of cooking from his father, who had a small restaurant in the Netherlands. However, his passion for good quality food and sustainable cooking comes from going to the market with her grandmother to buy fresh fish and meat. His favourite cooking experience to date was with his father preparing and enjoying a good meal with a glass of wine.

Perhaps the secret lies in his essential ingredients: tomato and natural sea salt, or the fact that he sees cooking not as a job but as a way of life and to enjoy every moment with passion.


Perhaps the secret is in the fundamentals: salt

Consistency is the key

This Chef claims it is crucial to let the product speaks for itself. It is important not to put too many flavours to not lose the authenticity of the dish and its ingredients. However, he emphasizes the importance of knowing how to surprise with both flavours and visual presentation.

Good, sustainable and local seasonal products, technically prepared and cooked to perfection are the key to a successful luxury culinary experience.

Finally, it should be highlighted that for this culinary experience to be complete, the Chef or service must tell the story behind each dish and present it with passion and knowledge.

The art of gastronomy

Cooking with responsibility

In a setting of a luxurious culinary experience, Conrado puts emphasis and conveys to his guests a message of authentic flavours unmasked and where the key to his dishes lies in the quality and sustainability of the product.

Tromp’s talent allows him to transmit this responsibility when it comes to cooking with a story to tell, even to dishes designed for large events, some of them for more than a thousand people. Together with the great team of chefs he coordinates, he manages to bring haute cuisine to large-scale events.